SWSB serves the Christian Church at large, but does not receive funding from any Christian denomination or Synod. We operate on the freely given offerings of those who believe in our ministry and are moved by the Holy Spirit to give. Our faculty salaries and all operating expenses are covered in this way.

Rather than charging a tuition fee, we encourage our students to make a suggested donation of $20 per Credit Hour. Since this is a suggested donation, if a student desires to study with us but is unable to make this suggested donation, he or she will not be turned away for lack of finances.

Donations are not refundable, even if the student is dismissed for cause. They are not “payment for services rendered,” but donations.

All donations to support the work of SWSB should be made to Calvary Free Lutheran Church and designated for SWSB or SouthWest School of the Bible.

We try to have any required textbooks in stock for purchase by students. If we are not able to purchase them ahead of time, we will try to locate them elsewhere so that students can purchase them either online or at an outside bookstore.

We will also try to have most books in a school library for reference, for those students who prefer not to spend the money. Please sign out books when you remove them from the library, treat them with respect, and return them promptly for the use of other students.